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Starting a Small Business in Connecticut
Business Startup Course in Connecticut
We are a key part of the team of authors, researchers and editors of a unique business book, Starting a Small Business in Connecticut, now in its eighth edition.  Designed from the ground up as a handbook for entrepreneurs, and sponsored by leading small business organizations, SSBC covers the things you need to know about starting and running a privately-owned business.  

John Purtill is the managing editor and his goal has been to provide meaningful follow-up materials for his start-up clients and for people attending his business start-up boot camp.  Was he successful?  Judging from the feedback, he was!  The boot camp receives the highest ratings and is consistently well attended and entrepreneurs consistently tell us SSBC gives them solid practical advice.

Why is this?  Our team of authors!  All leaders in their fields, they are also experts in business management.

The best endorsement we think is the sponsorship that SSBC has received:
    Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants
    US Small Business Administration
    Connecticut Small Business Development Center
    Community Economic Development Fund

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